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Jun 15, 2019
Cristina & Mario, Destination Wedding in Bejuco, Costa Rica

Shamanic Wedding Ceremony Costa Rica

Cristina and Mario decided to get married in Costa Rica in the company of the closest family.

Preparations and wedding reception took place in a rented villa on the hills near Bejuco.

The ceremony was very unusual because it was shamanic. It was an interesting experience not only for photographing but also for viewing. The whole family really took part in the ceremony.

Don't be surprised by the rain during the rainy season in Costa Rica.

As usual, we had a lot of luck when it comes to the weather during the rainy season. All signs in the sky indicated that it would be raining. And it started as soon as we finished taking pictures;).

When you Plan a Wedding in Costa Rica

When you plan a wedding in Costa Rica and invite only a small group, the nearest family, renting a villa to stay and also for reception is a great option. To make everything go smoothly and without any problems, you should opt for a wedding planner or at least a wedding day coordinator.

Remember to reserve your wedding photographer in Costa Rica early enough.