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Sep 13, 2019
How to choose a wedding / elopement photographer in Costa Rica?

I'm international wedding photographer based in Costa Rica. I have experience with many elopements. 

Why to elope instead of making a big wedding? Why not.

Every couple is different. Some of them wants a big wedding with whole family and friends no matter if it's in their origin country or if they decided to make a 

destination wedding in Costa Rica

But there's so many couples that wants to keep this moment just for them. Some of them are planning it two years in advance but I had also amazing and super crazy couples that came just for vacations to Costa Rica and they decided to get engaged on Saturday followed by intimate elopement on Monday and on Tuesday spend honeymoon on the yacht with me taking pictures. Four months later they had a wedding reception with family and friends in Canada where they live. 

Like you can see elopement in Costa Rica is for people that love to plan details few years or months in advance but also for those who love spontaneous decisions.

The most important thing is to keep those memories on pictures. Remember, when you're looking for a wedding or elopement photographer in Costa Rica first choose the style that you like. Then ask for portfolio, check blog, some examples. If you like it, book your wedding photographer in Costa Rica immediately. The best wedding photographers in Costa Rica work all year, there is no low or high season for them. To be sure that your dream photographer in Costa Rica has a date for you, sign a contract and pay the deposit.

Experienced photographer in Costa Rica will help you to choose the best spot and time for your elopement ceremony.

It's good idea to have few pictures from your elopement getting ready in Costa Rica. Vacation homes, hotels are surrounded by nature, big leaves, palm trees or has stunning views. Imagine pictures from your getting ready when you're helping each other few minutes before your ceremony. 

Photographer in Costa Rica

can also recommend you a wedding planner if you need one. I truly recommend to hire one, no matter if it's a big wedding or intimate elopement in Costa Rica.

Wedding planner in Costa Rica will help you with an officiant, florist (bouquet, arch, decorations) and other things that you will need.

If you're looking to hire wedding videographer in Costa Rica, your wedding photographer will recommend you the best ones.

There is on more important thing about elopement in Costa Rica. It's a location. You'll have so many choices. If you are a beach lover you'll be not disappointed. For mountain lovers I can recommend you some places in the cloud forest or with volcano views. For adventurous couples beautiful waterfalls where you'll have to hike just for few minutes.

What's the most important when you are looking for a 

wedding / elopement photographer in Costa Rica ?

Choose the one that style you like, check availability and book it!